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Hunte \Hunt"e\, n. [AS. hunta.] A hunter. [Obs.]


The Hunte is a long river in north-western Germany ( Lower Saxony), a left tributary of the Weser. It rises in the Wiehengebirge hills. In the Northern German Plain it flows through lake Dümmer. It flows generally northwards through the towns Bad Essen, Diepholz, Wildeshausen and Oldenburg. It flows into the Weser in Elsfleth. The part between Oldenburg and the Weser is navigable for coastal cargo ships. The Coastal Canal (Küstenkanal), suitable for inland navigation only, links the Hunte in Oldenburg to river Ems near Papenburg.

Hunte (surname)

Hunte is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Conrad Hunte, West Indian cricketer
  • Heather Hunte (born 1959), British actress
  • Hiram Hunte (born 1985), Saint Lucian footballer
  • Julian Hunte (born 1940), foreign minister of Saint Lucia
  • Neville Hunte (born 1948), Guyanese cyclist
  • O. D. Hunte, British record producer
  • Terry Hunte (born 1962), Barbadian cricketer
  • Torino Hunte (born 1990), Dutch footballer

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Usage examples of "hunte".

Yet saugh I brent the shippes hoppesteres, The hunte strangled with the wilde beres, The sowe freten the child right in the cradel, The cook yscalded, for al his longe ladel.

Brachetes bayed that best, as bidden the maystere3 Of that chargeaunt chace that were chef huntes.

I blame hym thus, that he considereth noght In tyme comynge what hym myghte bityde, But in his lust present was al his thoght, As for to hauke and hunte on every syde.

Hunte Wen was still a drifty, gentle soul, and he had never regained his competence in physics.