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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Have you seen the new sports instructor? He's really hunky.
▪ The show stars hunky Kevin Sorbo as Hercules.
▪ But certainly hunky, with strong, irregular features, a full, jutting lower lip and very blue eyes.
▪ For Pat junior has grown up to be a hunky, muscular, six foot two.
▪ Later, your teen-ager and her hunky guy practice a hip rendition of a cool new dance.
▪ Ralph Fiennes takes the hunky Heathcliff role in a story of love, passion and vengeance set in the wilds of Yorkshire.
▪ The show stars hunky Kevin Sorbo as the son of Zeus.
▪ To suggest that the hunky Gilfry owns the role is only to hint at watching artistry in action.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hunky \Hunk"y\, a. [Perh. fr. Hunk.] All right; in a good condition; also, even; square. [Slang, U. S.]

He . . . began to shoot; began to get ``hunky'' with all those people who had been plugging at him.
--Stephen Crane.


Etymology 1 a. 1 (context slang English) Exhibiting strong, masculine beauty. 2 Shaped like a hunk, or piece; chunky. 3 (cx US slang English) All right; in good condition. 4 (cx US slang English) even; square; on equal footing ''with'' Etymology 2

alt. (context North America slang ethnic slur English) A person of Hungarian or Slavic, especially Ruthenian, descent. n. (context North America slang ethnic slur English) A person of Hungarian or Slavic, especially Ruthenian, descent.


Hunky may refer to:

  • A derogatory American slang term for immigrants of Ruthenian, Hungarian or Slovak descent, originating in the political status of the homeland of many such immigrants, the Austro-Hungarian Empire. See Hunky Culture.
  • A reference to the hunk or beefcake male stereotype.

Usage examples of "hunky".

Vegas its colorful reputation, although they were there in force, but preppy types from UNLV in starched golf shirts who knew they could treat anything with breasts like dirt and still get laid because they were so damned hot and hunky.

It stars the famous former harem of coven master Roman Draganesti and some of the hunkiest, sexiest men in the vampire world!

ARNOLD made his way, through dense woods and thick snows, from Maine to Quebeck, which it was one of the hunkiest things ever done in the military line.

But he felt that by doing so he would abandon his right to object to the man as being a Portuguese stranger, and he did not wish to have Ferdinand Lopez as son-in-law, even though he should be a partner in Hunky and Sons, and able to maintain a gorgeous palace at South Kensington.

He was supposed to be an intimate friend of Mr Mills Happerton, one of the partners in the world-famous commercial house of Hunky and Sons, which dealt in millions.

So now instead of a hunky young man in sweats and flip-flops, I was with a six-foot-four, athletic, angsty young man dressed in casual linen pants and matching fawn-colored shirt.

Candace was sandwiched between two hunky waiters while Katherine rode her darting tongue.

He is all handsome and no pretty, the kind that makes you think of the Navy and Florida and girls in tube tops calling him hunky.