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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Ceramic humidifiers on a warm radiator are particularly effective because the oils evaporate, filling the room with a beautiful scent.
▪ Combat low humidity with humidifiers or plants around the home.
▪ He checked the humidifier and took his mittens off before locking the greenhouse door.
▪ It is a humidifier clipped to the microphone.
▪ They didn't have a humidifier and it's torn my voice to shreds.
▪ To improve your chances of sleeping through the night, lower the heat and try running a humidifier during the night.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

humidifier \humidifier\ n. A device that increases the moisture content of the air; -- used to avoid excessive dryness in buildings, which can cause irritation to the throat. Compare dehumidifier.

Syn: moisturization.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1884, agent noun from humidify.


n. A device that is used to increase the humidity of the air.


A humidifier is a device that increases humidity (moisture) in a single room or an entire building. In the home, point-of-use humidifiers are commonly used to humidify a single room, while whole-house or furnace humidifiers, which connect to a home's HVAC system, provide humidity to the entire house. Medical ventilators often include humidifiers for increased patient comfort. Large humidifiers are used in commercial, institutional, or industrial contexts, often as part of a larger HVAC system. .

Usage examples of "humidifier".

It’s usually helpful to use a humidifier for the first day or even the first few hours.

Apparently the infectious cases had all used humidifiers from central supply.

From Jack’s childhood, he remembered his mother had put a humidifier in his room when he’d had the croup.

So Jack could not imagine a humidifier having anything to do with spreading bacteria.

But then Jack remembered the newer type of humidifier: the ultrasonic, cold humidifier.

Then get someone from engineering to open the elbow drain below the sink in the storeroom where the humidifiers are kept.

His only hope was that if he was right about the humidifier being the source, all of these cases represented index cases in that all had been exposed to the infected humidifier.

You had no compunction about putting lethal bacteria into defenseless people’s humidifiers, which sure as hell killed them.

The humidifier that was wrapped around his b-thorax covered his breathing spicules completely.

Was it more than odd, or did he need to turn the chamber's humidifier up yet another notch?

Against his thorax, the backpack humidifier hummed softly as it extracted moisture from the arid atmosphere and supplied it to his lungs.

In the heat of midafternoon they needed no supplemental attire, though each wore a compact humidifier over their breathing spicules.

She's wearing her humidifier, and she promised to use all six legs at all times, even on the easy parts.

You had to keep them in the humidifier a while to get them decently smokable, and then the trouble was that you were likely to get them even too damp.

Usually I just turn on the humidifier but Spot keeps peeing in it so I've had to put it away until Bohack gets him re-toilet-trained.