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Humes may refer to:

  • Humes, former name of Hume, Fresno County, California
  • Humes (surname), people with the surname Humes
  • Humes-Jorquenay, France
  • Humes High School, in Memphis, Tennessee
Humes (surname)

Humes is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Cedric Humes (born 1983), American football running back
  • Edward Humes, American journalist
  • Harold L. Humes (1926–1992), American writer
  • Helen Humes (1913–1981), American jazz and blues singer
  • James C. Humes, American writer
  • Jimmy Humes (born 1942), English footballer
  • Mary-Margaret Humes (born 1954), American actress
  • Marvin Humes, British boy band member
  • Tony Humes (born 1966), English footballer
  • William Y.C. Humes (1830–1883), Confederate general