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Humaydah (also transliterated as Humaidah, ), is an Arab tribe, a subgroup of the Bariq tribe of the Qahtanite people. They were a powerful house which governed the city of Bareq until the Ibn Saud invasion and lived peacefully beside al-Ali.

Kinahan Cornwallis Said ( 1916):« Humeidah. Live in the western part of the district along the Muhail-Qunfudah road from Dhahab to 'Aqabet es-Suhul and extend down the 'Aqabah to Ghar el- Hindi. numbering 7,000 men, of whom 4,000 are nomads٫Their Chief Sheikh is Mohammed Ibn Haiazah.»

Naval Intelligence Handbooks ( 1916): «The most important tribe is the Humeidah, numbering 7,000 men, of whom 4,000 are nomads. They occupy the western part of the district, and the Muha'il- Qunfudah road from Dhahab to Ghar el-Hindi is in their territory. They quarrel with the Al Isba'i and are divided amongst themselves, the villagers favouring the Turks, the nomads Idrisi. Taken as a whole the tribes support Idrisi, with the exception of the settled Humeidah, and pay him taxes. They are peaceful and pleasure-loving, and by no means fond of war. At the same time they are not above harrying small Turkish convoys.»

Wilfred Thesiger ( 1946): «This desolate country continued until we reached the wadi khat and the cultivated lands of the Humaidha tribe at barik who resemble the ‘Amara and live in well-built, flat-roofed, stone houses. These sedentary tribes own a few camels, some cattle, and fair-sized herds of sheep and goats. They are however essentially cultivators who grow dhurra or “dukhn” (bull-rush millet), either on small plains irrigated by the floods or on the silt of the stream beds.»