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Hulme is an inner city area and electoral ward of Manchester, England, immediately south of Manchester city centre. It has a significant industrial heritage.

Historically in Lancashire, the name Hulme is derived from the Old Norse word for a small island, or land surrounded by water or marsh, indicating that it may have been first settled by Norse invaders in the period of the Danelaw.

Hulme (disambiguation)

Hulme is an inner city area and electoral ward of Manchester, England

Hulme may also refer to:

Hulme (surname)

Hulme is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alan Hulme (1907–1989), Australian politician
  • Alfred Hulme (1911–1982), New Zealand recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • Darren Hulme (born 1977), former Australian rules footballer
  • David Hulme (rugby league), British rugby league footballer
  • David Russell Hulme (born 1951), Welsh conductor and musicologist
  • Denny Hulme (1936–1992), New Zealand car racer
  • Etta Hulme (born 1923), syndicated editorial cartoonist
  • F. Edward Hulme (1841–1909), English artist and botanist
  • Joe Hulme (1904–1991), English footballer and cricketer
  • John Hulme (cricketer, born 1862), (1862–1940)
  • John Hulme (cricketer, born 1950) (1950–)
  • John Hulme (author) (c. 1970–)
  • Anne Perry (born 1938 as Juliet Hulme), English author of historical detective fiction
  • Kathryn Hulme (1900–1981), American novelist
  • Keri Hulme (born 1947), New Zealand writer
  • Lachy Hulme (born 1971), Australian film actor
  • Mark Hulme (born 1958), American movie producer and entrepreneur
  • T. E. Hulme (1883–1917), English writer
  • W. Wilson Hulme II (1946–2007), Curator of the National Postal Museum
  • William Hulme (circa 1631–1691), English lawyer
  • William Hulme (British Army officer) (died 1855), Manchester Regiment officer