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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hulking \Hulk"ing\, Hulky \Hulk"y\, a. Bulky; unwiedly; of great size and bulk; ponderous. [R.] ``A huge hulking fellow.''
--H. Brooke.


a. Large; hulking.


adj. of great size and bulk; "a hulking figure of a man"; "three hulking battleships" [syn: hulking]

Usage examples of "hulky".

As the gym building passes by, all hulky and black, I look the other way, and think of other things.

Her feet had cleared the doorway when the wide, hulky excuse of a man pulled a switchblade from his pants and flipped it open.

They gazed into a glass case of hulky metal wristwatches with five-hundred-foot crush depths.

Just what she needednot one, but two hulky, sulky vampires hounding her every move and reminding her to eat every five seconds.