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There are no trails in the land of Hule, since the trees continually shed their dead needles in a gentle sprinkle to cover all signs of the passage of man or beast.

The vast trees of Hule kept the forest floor in perpetual twilight, and the carpet of needles was very thick, smothering obstructing undergrowth.

Althalus was not too far from the western edge of the land of the Kagwhers, he encountered another of the creatures who lived in the forest of Hule, and things were a little tense for a while.

Althalus could laugh at a good joke with the best of them, but he felt that the wolves of Hule tended to run a joke all the way into the ground.

Kagwher into the vast forest of Hule a couple of days after Althalus had acquired the horse.

No matter how far he traveled, he always felt very good when he returned to Hule, and he finally came to realize that more than anyplace else, Hule was his home.

I gave up on civilization and started back toward Hule where I belonged.

I are on our way to Hule, and I think that we might have to pick another route if that bridge you were just talking about happens to stand in our way on this particular trail.

Gher said as he and Althalus rode north through deep-forested Hule in early autumn.

We rode south a ways-leaving plenty of tracks-and then we picked a rocky place to leave the road, crossed the mountains into Kagwher, and came to Hule from that direction.

Then, as they entered the front door into a large living room with a broad stairway beyond, Huling spied his pipe on an ash stand and promptly reclaimed it.

When Pauline showed her to her room and Tilson brought her bags from the car, Margo bowed a good-night to the others and Huling waved cheerily through a cloud of pipe smoke.

It left Zelda free to drive anywhere she wanted in her own car, while Huling was equally free to ramble over the estate.

Neither the secretary nor the chauffeur was in the living room, but Brent Huling was there, wearing his usual walking attire.

When he returned, Zelda was telling Tilson and Huling what she and Margo had overheard.