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Huiyuan (Buddhist)

Huiyuan (; 334–416 AD) was a Chinese Buddhist teacher who founded Donglin Temple on Mount Lushan in Jiangxi province and wrote the text On Why Monks Do Not Bow Down Before Kings in 404 AD. He was born in Shanxi province but after a long life of Buddhist teaching he wound up in Hubei province, where he died in 416. Although he was born in the north, he moved south to live within the bounds of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

Huiyuan was posthumously named First Patriarch of the Pure Land School of Buddhism. His disciples included Huiguan (慧觀), Sengji (僧濟), and Faan (法安).


Huiyuan may refer to:

  • Huiyuan (Buddhist) (334–416), a Chinese Buddhist
  • Huiyuan, Xinjiang, township in Xinjiang, China
  • Huiyuan Juice, company headquartered in Beijing, China