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La Huchette, in fact, was an estate near Yonville, where he had just bought the chateau and two farms that he cultivated himself, without, however, troubling very much about them.

She would go quickly to La Huchette, stay there an hour, and be back again at Yonville while everyone was still asleep.

Now, as from La Huchette to Buchy there is no other way than by Yonville, he had to go through the village, and Emma had recognised him by the rays of the lanterns, which like lightning flashed through the twilight.

So she set out towards La Huchette, not seeing that she was hastening to offer herself to that which but a while ago had so angered her, not in the least conscious of her prostitution.

Theatre de la Huchette weep with her portrayal of the innocent, fate-doomed teenaged girl.

She was exiled from Paris, but allowed to keep the small amount of property remaining from her marriage settlement, which includes the apartment in the Rue de la Huchette and two small estates, one in Brittany and the other near Langres, where you met her.

Igor Platen and some of the other officers, and eventually the time came for Vladimir to return to the Rue de la Huchette, walking quickly through the pleasant spring night, the usual turmoil of fear, hope and desire churning inside him.

Vladimir remarked with a deliberately off-hand carelessness and in gruff tones that he was going to the Rue de la Huchette, and set off as soon as he had finished eating.