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Hüber is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Fortunatus Hüber (1639–1706), German Franciscan historian and theologian
  • Jacques Hüber (1867–1914), Swiss-Brazilian botanist
  • Sven Hüber (born 1964), former political officer
Huber (disambiguation)

Huber is a surname of German origin.

Huber may also refer to:

Places in the United States:
  • Huber, Georgia
  • Huber, Indiana
  • Huber, Michigan
  • Huber, Montana
  • Huber Heights, Ohio and Huber Ridge, Ohio
  • Huber, Oregon
  • Huber, Texas
Other uses:
  • Huber's equation, a basic formula in elastic material tension calculations
  • J.M. Huber Corporation

Usage examples of "huber".

If I buy the farm here on Plattner's World, Huber thought as he walked toward the open door of Major Steuben's office, they're going to have to name this the Lieutenant Arne C.

That could've meant they'd have been deadlined for maintenance on stand-down, but unless there'd been serious damage since the last halt Huber figured they'd all pass even rear-area inspection.

Sergeant Deseau still walked like a drunk, so Huber grabbed his arm in a fireman's carry and half-lifted, half-dragged the man to the trucks.

Besides, it was a near certainty that the signals equipment in Sangrela's jeep could break whatever encryption system the Point Gendarmery was using if Huber really thought the task force needed to know.

Arne Huber took his hands from the tribarrel grips and flexed them cautiously, afraid they'd cramp.

Huber and Deseau touched their grips, swiveling their weapons slightly to make sure that a circuitry glitch hadn't locked them.

Huber bellowed, though the driver had already cut back on the car's speed by bringing the fan nacelles closer to vertical.

There wasn't a boot on his mechanical left leg, so Huber didn't need the name tape over the man's left breast to identify him as Sergeant Tranter.

Huber said as he swung his legs out of the fighting compartment and stood for a moment on the bulge of the plenum chamber.

He didn't have a home number to call Hera at, and the summons waiting at Huber's billets to see the Provost Marshal at 0600 precluded Huber from waiting to meet Hera when she arrived at office.

Until this moment Huber hadn't seen either the vehicle or its crew, three newbies commanded by a former tank driver named Gabinus who'd just been promoted to sergeant.

Huber grinned blandly and set to work with the file that appeared in his transfer box.

As the lab staff were setting up for another part of the demo, Pangborn turned to Dulcie and said, Doctor Huber, what we're really interested in is the keyboard research, the two-way communication communication of abstract and complex messages.

Huber adjusted his sight picture onto the leftmost caret, enlarging the central portion around the pipper while the surrounding field remained one-to-one so that he wouldn't be blindsided by an unglimpsed danger.