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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1950, American English, approximate acronym for House Committee to Investigate un-American Activities (1938-1975).

Usage examples of "huac".

After showing up to testify before HUAC with Dean Acheson at his side, Harvard-educated Currie fled to Colombia.

Now, at last, we would hear the other side in the battle of relatively equal evil forces: Soviet gulags and fascistic oppression by HUAC.

We’ve got the heavy artillery that I’ll mention in a minute and I’m working on getting a batch of Fed surveillance photos: UAES brain trusters hobnobbing with known Communist Party members and HUAC indictees at Sleepy Lagoon protest activities back in ‘43 and ‘44.

Mal got scared and went for big verbal ammo: Loftis didn’t know Chaz Minear ratted him to HUAC.

Minear speculated to Doc Lesnick that her old man’s political juice kept her from being subpoenaed by HUAC in ‘47--and not one other witness mentioned her name.