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Usage examples of "hsin".

As I was saying, might I present to the Commissioners the young lady, Shou Chin Hsin, better known in the Ebert household as Golden Heart, onetime concubine to the traitor Hans Ebert.

Nor have I any intention of letting Shou Chin Hsin utter a single word in respect of this matter.

Empress has ordered new silk tapestries from Lady Hsin to redecorate the guest chambers and some of the palace halls.

You were carrying silk in the factory while Lady Hsin took me to see her butterflies.

Lady Hsin does not like people to know she no longer has a hand in her business.

You are lucky a woman as great as Lady Hsin took pity on you, but such luck does not last if it is not earned.

I was born, Lady Hsin gave her daughter in an arranged marriage to the owner of an outpost that dealt in the silk exports of Lintian.

Lady Hsin, who had dutifully invited others to see me, her orphaned grandchild.

Years later, Lady Hsin allowed me to run the business as I know more than anyone about it.

Madame Hsin abusa noche a noche del veronal, a causa del desvelo infatigable de los pilares de la ley, que la desesperan y la incomodan.

A woman who had demanded unlimited wealth of Hsin of the River had almost starved to death surrounded by the mountains of gold she had asked for, piles of coins that had blocked every exit from her house.

Fen was there, smiling brightly as she held up the red gown with the flowers and snakelike dragons Lady Hsin had given to her.

More than fifteen years went by before Yin fell and Chou Hsin was thankfully slaughtered.