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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hsien \Hsien\, n. [Chin.] An administrative subdivision of a fu, or department, or of an independent chow; also, the seat of government of such a district.


n. The basic unit of local government in China, approximately equivalent to a county or district.

Usage examples of "hsien".

It is a walled town, ranking as a Hsien city, with a Hsien magistrate as its chief ruler.

As the Temple of a Fu city it contains the images of both Fu magistrate and Hsien magistrate, with their attendants.

Tali there are four chief officials: the Prefect or Fu Magistrate, the Hsien or City Magistrate, the Intendant or Taotai, and the Titai.

Li Hsien had done to his Scotch, Collin licked his lips -- and paused.

From where he stood, on the balcony high above the river, Wang Hsien could feel the slow, warm movement of the air like the breath of a sleeping woman against his cheek.

The elders conferred a moment, then Hsien Judge Hong called the two men forward.

Fa Hsien had come overland to India through Turkestan and through the great Snow Mountains of the north but desired to go home by sea.

But Fa Hsien made Java in safety, and after a stay of five months again shipped in a large vessel, this time for Canton--a journey normally reckoned, he says, at fifty days.

Reports from his Hsien Ling, commissioned studies on the effects of proposed legislation, warrants to be signed or queried, petitions from senior Abave citizens, preparatory drafts for Council, Security summaries, and more.

That dark red shape was a giant carp turning in the water, its head facing east, its tail flicking out toward Marseilles hsien, its cruel mouth open, poised to eat Lake Balaton, which, like a tiny minnow, swam some three hundred It to the east.

His raw material had consisted of shadows off the glittering plain, which in Hsien are known as the Host of the Unforgiven Dead.