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Those tracks Batman had seen suggested Hsiao had run them south along the riverbank and across the border into Thailand.

General Hsiao Kuoping stooped beneath the still-turning blades of the helicopter as he strode across the tarmac toward the group waiting to receive him.

With his glasses, short stature, and graying hair, Hsiao Kuoping looked more like a college professor than a military officer, but the attitude of his reception committee was one of deference.

General Hsiao, that the Americans cannot detect these aircraft with their satellites?

General Hsiao would be pleased that there would be no interference from the Americans on this critical day.

General Hsiao entered the warehouse as his chauffeur held the door wide.

A teenager armed with an AK-47 performed a crude approximation of snapping to attention as Hsiao opened the door and went inside.

Hsiao had taken him into his growing organization, Never much more than a petty thug, Phreng and the criminal contacts he maintained throughout the city nonetheless had proven useful as Hsiao assembled the intricacies of Sheng li.

Among his other enterprises, Hsiao knew, Phreng ran a string of girls in the sex and sin district called Patpong.

Lin had heard that Hsiao had acquired the weapon from a drug lord in the Golden Triangle.

The stacked crates rose like canyon walls around them, creating privacy, and Hsiao allowed the challenge to pass without rebuke.

There were five men besides Hsiao, a scarred civilian named Phreng and four others who Tombstone thought might be soldiers, though they did not wear uniforms.

After the first few minutes, Hsiao turned the merely physical aspects of the interrogation over to the others, standing by only to ask the questions themselves.

When the ragged echo of the scream had died away, Hsiao shook his head sadly.

All Tombstone knew was that the lives of his shipmates might well be riding on whether Hsiao got the verification he demanded.