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Hrach , also spelled Hratch or Herach, is an Armenian male given name meaning "eyes of flame." A variant is Hrachya or Hrachia .

People with the given name include:

  • Hrachia Adjarian (1876-1953), Armenian linguist
  • Hrach Bartikyan (1927–2011), Armenian academic
  • Hrach Gregorian (born 1949), American political consultant
  • Hrach Hovhannisyan, Armenian Greco-Roman wrestler
  • Hrachya Keshishyan (born 1970), Armenian film director
  • Hrach Martirosyan (born 1964), Armenian linguist
  • Hrachya Petikyan (born 1960), Armenian sportshooter
  • Haig "Hrach" Tiriakian (1871-1915), Armenian politician
  • Hrach Titizian (born 1979), American actor
  • Hratch Zadourian (born 1969), Lebanese cyclist
  • Hrach, fictional character in The Shield