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Hrabyně is a village in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic, approx. 20 km north-west from Ostrava and 13 km south-east from Opava. It consists of two parts, Hrabyně and Josefovice, which have cca 1,200 inhabitants altogether.

The exact date of the uprise of Hrabyně is not known. However, the first written reference comes from 1377.

Hrabyně is an important place for pilgrims. The traditional wake takes place on 15 August every year.

The rehabilitation centre in Hrabyně is widely used by the people from the entire country. Patients who have problems with their locomotive organs are expertly taken care of there.

Tourists can visit the monument of World War II, go skiing on the nearby slope, or just go for a walk in the deep forests around the village.