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Usage examples of "howle".

The carpet rose a gentle foot in the air, whereupon Midnight howled and struggled and the genie bottle shook in his hands.

Hasruel howled with pain and sprang upright with both hands clapped to his nose.

It howled and fell away, and Jill rolled out from under it and scrambled to the bed.

Avelyn howled, and he was smiling wide as he turned over the pieces of silver.

Somewhere in the distance a wolf howled, and another took up the song, and for Elbryan, the music was sweeter now than ever before, than even in those years he had spent in the enchanted elven forest.

It howled and whooped and charged Avelyn, ready to throttle the monk with its bare hands.

The one remaining howled and scrambled, fell to its belly, and slid halfway back to the bottom.

The natives threw down their loads and prepared to bolt, but remembering that there was nowhere to run to, they cast themselves upon the ground and howled out that it was ghosts.

I understood now how it was the cat had howled until I chloroformed it.

And all through the night a voonith howled distantly from the shore of some hidden pool, but Carter felt no fear of that amphibious terror, since he had been told with certainty that not one of them dares even approach the slope of Ngranek.

The horde evidently guessed that we had no hearts to fight each other and so they howled in rage as neither of us placed a fatal thrust.

Even so, he howled as it singed the side of his leg before he landed on the far side of the stony monster.

I came to them, ranted to them, howled at them, but none seemed to hear me!

While your lord howled and berated a priest, a thief came in and stole my gold!

The hound howled in anger, then yelped in pain, finally coming back toward them, bay-howling again.