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Hovseter (station)

Hovseter is a station on the Røa Line of the Oslo Metro between Holmen and Røa. It is located in the Vestre Aker borough.

The station was opened on 24 January 1935 with the completion of the line to Røa. It is 135.6 metres above sea level, and 6.7 km from Stortinget.

Hovseter is one of the most densely populated areas along Røabanen, and the neighborhood has several fairly large apartment buildings, some of which are public housing. South of the station is Huseby leir, the base for Hans Majestet Kongens Garde.


Hovseter comes under Vestre Aker kommune and lies between Røa and Holmen in Oslo, Norway.

Hovseter was originally a place under Hoff farm. The site was mainly developed in the 1970s as a project associated experimental political sociology and was listed under the then Social Democratic government. The buildings consist largely of blocks of flats in the low / medium altitude by Norwegian standards. Some of the buildings are older, however, and originates from the 1950s. Various areas outside Hovseter also stems from the reconstruction period after the Second World War in Norway and holds a joint architecture for homes on the west side of Oslo, in the form of house or villa-standard. Roads Old Hovsetervei, Henry's way, way Jeppes, Pernille way Arnebråtveien, Anchor Road, Røaknekken and Røahagan is built in the same period and hence holds great architectural similarities of their distinctive post-war expressed through architecture and materials.