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vb. (context nonstandard English) (misconstruction of hove English)

Usage examples of "hoved".

For ever he hoved still upon his horse till he saw you come in againward.

Then Sir Tristram repented him that he was not armed, and then he hoved still.

When Sir Launcelot saw this, as he hoved in a little leaved wood, then he said unto Sir Lavaine: See yonder is a company of good knights, and they hold them together as boars that were chafed with dogs.

Also Merlin let make by his subtilty that Balin's sword was put in a marble stone standing upright as great as a mill stone, and the stone hoved always above the water and did many years, and so by adventure it swam down the stream to the City of Camelot, that is in English Winchester.

So, on the morn they rode into the forest of adventures to a laund, and thereby they found a cross, and as they stood and hoved there came by them the fairest knight and the seemliest man that ever they saw, making the greatest dole that ever man made.

And on the morn he arose early and heard mass, and brake his fast, and so he rode unto the plain without the gates, where hoved the two brethren abiding him.

Most ghostly he looked, too, as he hoved meditating on the confines of the gloom.

There he hung or hoved, his vast ironic mouth permanently drawn downwards in a kind of melancholy, his lean clean-shaven chops giving him an American expression, like that of Uncle Sam.

And I should have hoved at a well or a ford or something and made all true knights that came that way to joust with me for the honor of their ladies, and I should have spared them all after I had given them a great fall, and I should live out of doors all the year round in a pavilion and never do anything but joust and go on quests and bear away the prize at tournaments, and I shan't ever tell anybody my name.

The pavement had cracked and hoved from years of inattention, and in places it had begun to vanish under drifts of sandy soil.

When the 109th Dragon Squadron hoved up, following at the rear of the 8th Regiment, Second Legion, their eyes fixed sadly on the empty space left for the Broketail dragon.