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Hova may refer to:

  • Hova (Madagascar), one of the three main social classes in the pre-colonial Kingdom of Imerina in Madagascar
  • Hova, Sweden, a locality
    • Battle of Hova, fought in 1275
  • French destroyer Hova, a French ship which served in World War I
  • , a World War II Free French and post-war French Navy frigate

  • H.O.V.A., a nickname of rapper Jay-Z
  • Helge Høva (1928–2010), Norwegian politician
  • Hova, a character in the 2006 animated movie The Ant Bully, voiced by Julia Roberts
Hova (Madagascar)

The Hova, or free commoners, were one of the three principal historical castes in the pre-colonial Imerina Kingdom of Madagascar, alongside the Andriana (nobles) and Andevo (slaves). The term hova originally applied to all members of a Malagasy clan (possibly of the Zafiraminia people) that migrated into the central highlands from the southeast coast of the island around the 14th century and began displacing the existing population of Vazimba. Andriamanelo (1540–1575) consolidated the power of the Hova when he united many of the Hova chiefdoms around Antananarivo under his rule. He took the first step in distinguishing classes of Hova in his new kingdom by formally ennobling the subset of Hova related to him under the title andriana. The social structure of the new kingdom became further defined under his son Ralambo (1575–1612), who further subdivided the Andriana into four ranks. Ralambo was also the first to use the term Imerina (land of the Merina) to describe the land occupied by the Hova people, who thereafter gradually adopted the identity and label of Merina.

Usage examples of "hova".

Wisest, Ruler of Hova, Lord of the Universe, was being entertained by a troupe of Goefd dancers when his Lord of War, Wert, bounded into the Audience Hall.

But affairs of state are at cross purposes in a moment of crisis, and without your help Hova will be in danger.

If the Weapon was conscious of the fact that the Lord of Hova was staying behind out of courtesy, it did not show it.

Its airlock swung open and the Ruler of Hova, followed by his entourage, came out.

Over the surface of Hova, the blackening moved like some colossal paintbrush.

On the other hand, Terra is up in arms against the empire of Hova, not realizing it is dead.

Do you remember what Jaar Hova was like, Ornina, when he first started flying his huntership?

Though not a convert, he allowed the missionaries to preach the gospel, to reduce the Hova language to writing, and to translate the Bible.

The cruelty of the queen had kept alive their animosity, but now they voluntarily came forward to acknowledge her son and to be received into the Hova nation.

Radama, king of the Hovas, a tribe occupying the centre of the island, and the one which ranked highest in the scale for intelligence.

That the Hovas possess a high degree of intelligence, and are capable of as much culture as the Japanese or Mavris, is indisputable.

As the fundamental rule of the Hovas had been that the title to all land was in the sovereign and inalienable, the grants to Lambert and others are held to be void.

September, from Port Louis, are that the French fleet at Tamatave maintains a semi-warlike attitude toward the Hovas, not landing nor recognizing the authorities.

We must run to them when they got ashore - I ploughed back through the fronds, staring at the hill behind, to see how our Hova friends were doing - and there they were, dropping down from the crest beind us, making for the landward side of the fort.