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Houk is a surname, and may refer to

  • George W. Houk, 19th century lawyer and politician.
  • John C. Houk, 19th century politician.
  • Keith Houk, CEO of different airlines.
  • Kendall Newcomb Houk (1943-) American chemist.
  • Leonidas C. Houk, 19th century politician.
  • Ralph Houk, American baseball player and manager.

Usage examples of "houk".

Was Harrison Houk some part of the reason for the uneaten banquet spoiling in the refrigerator?

At Many Farms they stopped for breakfast, Thatcher reminiscing about Harrison Houk, cattleman, pillar of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, potent Republican, subject of assorted gossip, county commissioner, holder of Bureau of Land Management grazing permits sprawling across the southern Utah canyon country, legendary shrewd operator.

Leaphorn mostly listened, remembering Houk from long ago, remembering a man stricken.

At first look, Leaphorn thought that Houk, like the pink sandstone of his house, had been proof against time.

And as Houk shifted his weight against the cane, Leaphorn saw the grimace of pain cross his face.

Standing beside him under the alcove in the cliff that tense moment when the state police captain decided they had Brigham Houk cornered.

A wedding picture, the bride with the veil raised above her face, Houk with the mustache much smaller, older couples flanking them, A picture of Brigham on a horse, his smile strained and lopsided.

Leaphorn remembered Houk talking endlessly on the porch the day Brigham had drowned.

He left the question implied, and Houk let it hang a moment while he thought about how to answer it.

All these ruins are on private land under lease to my friend Harrison Houk of Bluff, Utah.

Either way, it seemed clear that Nakai would be headed to somewhere very close to Bluff, to where Houk, his customer for pots, had been killed.

Anyway, it looks like Houk quit trying to find a place to hide to tell you about her.

Irene Musket had come to work Friday morning and found a note on the screen door telling her that Houk was in the barn.

There were signs that Houk had been rearranging bales of hay, apparently into a hiding place.

Why would Houk care that much about a woman who was merely a customer?