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Hotte is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Mark Hotte (born 1978), English footballer
  • Tim Hotte (born 1963), English footballer

Usage examples of "hotte".

For the cleare water and not sulphurous, but sweete and temperatelye hotte, not like a hotte-house or Stew, but naturally cleansing it selfe beyond all credet, there was no meanes to hinder the obiect from the sight of the eye.

The Infant holding his little Instrument in both his hands, and continued pissing into the hotte water, fresh coole water.

And it did so increase in mee more and more, that I knew not wherewithal I might bridle and restraine my selfe from catching of one of them, like an eager and hotte Falcon comming downe out of the ayre, vpon a couie of Partriges.

Fritters of paste of a Saffron colour, and crusted ouer with extreeme hotte Rose water, and fine pownded Sugar, and then againe cast ouer with musked water, and with fine Sugar like frost vpon Ise.

No craggy nor rockie places, nipt and blasted with sharpe windes, nor burnt with an vntemperate hotte Sunne, but vnder a sweet and pleasant temperature, in a moderate meane reioycing, betwixt two extreemes, the fields fruitful and without tillage and manuring, yeelding all commodities, warme hilles, greene woods and sweet coole shadowes.

Out of the hotte blood of whome, did rise vp a flying horse: who striking vppon a Mountaine with one of hys houes, made a strange springe of water to gush out.

The guests: Ruth Hotte and Ed Huling and Deborah Gore Dean and Barbara Raskin and Deborah Tannen and Donna Shalala and Hillary Clinton and Muffy Jeepson Stout.