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a. (context nonstandard slang English) (alternative spelling of hot English)


HOTT may refer to:

  • Halls of the Things, an early video game
  • Hot Topic's former NASDAQ ticker symbol
  • Hordes of the Things (wargame)
  • Sexual appeal
  • Homotopy type theory
  • Hanging on the Telephone, a song by the power pop band The Nerves, also recorded by Blondie
  • Hour of the Time, a shortwave radio show

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Usage examples of "hott".

Yeoman Hott, a young Bolian male with bright blue skin and piercing dark eyes.

Through it all, Mallet spoke in sharp, quick phrases while Ensign Hott took copious notes on his data padd.

The only anger she felt was aimed at herself, and it grew at the sight of CGC Mallet and Ensign Hott coming down the hallway.

Through tears of laughter, Kathryn noticed that Hott was standing firmly on the floor.

Beasts are brought foorth there: the reason whereof is, that the Countrie being hott and full of Wildernesses, which haue in them litle water, the Beastes of all sortes are enforced to meete at those few watering places that be, where often times contrary kinds haue coniunction the one with the other: so that there ariseth new kinds of species, which taketh part of both.

Erica Ambler Hotts and her three companions apparently have been waiting for daylight.

So the cover story du jour, freshly spun by Lieutenant Ethridge, is that Detachment 2702 is (contrary to all outward appearances) an elite, crack medical team concerned that Hott had been struck down by a rare new form of North African food poisoning.

Gerald Hott was a front-line warrior who kept his freezer locker as clean as an operating room and so it is only fitting that he has ended up there.