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n. (plural of hose English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hose)

Usage examples of "hoses".

The hitcher was turned back toward the window, inspecting the pumps, solemn as soldiers, the coiled hoses, the stained rags, the squeegee the color of gum tissue.

He turned and shone his light around again, licking the beam off the gleaming assembly line, off the tubes and pressure hoses that snaked up the gray-painted walls.

As he passed the cluster of hoses something flashed in his field of vision and he felt a terrific blow to his forearm.

Men from all around the town hauled hoses from old trucks and attached them to water pumps on the backs of other old trucks.

Peter and Ray helped pull hoses from the pumping trucks near the river to the fire.

All the sheds had collapsed and the hoses were leaking more water than they shot from their nozzles, arcs of fine mist soaking Anthony and Peter and Ray as they tried to help maneuver them.

And other than a few blisters on his hands from the rough hoses, he had come out of it unhurt.

Milton hoses from the sidewalk every morning includes the dead jellyfish of prophylactics and the occasional hermit crab of a lost high heel.