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Crossword clues for hosed

  1. ruined, messed up v

  2. (en-past of: hose)

Usage examples of "hosed".

The two-man teams hurried up to the wall and hosed it down with streams of fire.

Prisoner Zero be hosed down and found an old jellaba, shoes and dark glasses.

A realtime vacuum commando unit, which had been hacking its way grimly through the Nastic ship since the collision, finally broke into the command-and-control section and hosed it out with hand-held gamma ray lasers.

A Syrian poked his AKM around the edge of the dome and hosed off an unaimed burst.

They could also be CIA, FBI, or possibly agents of the counterrevolutionary count that Stephanie hosed at the Carlyle.

In an open subframe in one corner, fire engines hosed down the broken shell of something sheet glass and concrete.

But once the droid was clear of the bikes, Ryan hosed the artwork with a chem storm of flames.

He spoke, too, about deconfliction, because there were going to be air raids going in on surrounding targets--a number of fixed-launch sites were going to be hosed down within 6 miles of our drop-off point.

A tubular Plexiglas cover was lowered over him and needle jets of warm water hosed him down from all sides.

In the nursery again Guy wrestled him out of bobble hat, face mask, gloves, anorak, jumper, shoes, socks, trousen, shirt, vest, nappy pants, nappy and nappy-liner, waved away the game but gagging nannies, hosed Marmaduke down in the master bathroom, and wrestled him back into nappy-liner, nappy, nappy pants, vest, shirt, trousers, socks, shoes, jumper, anorak, gloves, face mask, bobble hat and scarf.

Then Ryan hosed the control board with chem flames, filling the air with the reek of condensed fuel and propane.

We still use the film of them being pressure hosed by a terrified SWAT team as promo footage for our line of introductory anabolics.

A solid stream of tracers shot up the creek, provoking a duel with a German burp gun which hosed just as steady a stream of tracers back at D Company from the protection of an undamaged cellar.

They had removed the cylinder head and washed out the cylinders with fresh water and had hosed out the crankcase, Keith rejecting a proposal that they should take off the sump again as being quite unnecessary.

We is assin aroun in the pit, gettin hosed down an all, an it is jus bout gettin dark, an all of a sudden there is this funny soun in the air an some jackoff who is squirting us with the hose holler, "