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Hosch is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Julie Hosch (born 1939), American politician
  • Larry Hosch (born 1977), American politician
  • Tanya Hosch, Australian activist
  • Vincent Hösch (born 1957), German sailor
  • Vivian Hösch (born 1991), visually impaired German biathlete and cross-country skier

Usage examples of "hosch".

Farr, following Hosch and Bzya, clung to guide ropes and gazed down into clear Air, drinking in its freshness after days of the stale stenches of the Harbor.

With a grandiloquent gesture, Hosch closed the two switches on the small control panel beside him.

And I, in turn, asked Hosch and Adda to bring us suggestions to work with.

Once Hosch damaged enough of the flange, the hatch would fall in easily.

With Hosch still towed limply behind him, he flattened himself against the wooden surface of the Spine, and began to Wave once more, along the length of the Spine, using the Cable as a guide.

The Fishermen must have come down for him and Hosch, in a second Bell.

Koker Hosch and a crew of gorillas were the ones who were in the sedan.

Last night, Hawkeye had learned that Koker Hosch was going on a cover-up job.

There were dozens of characters like Koker Hosch, still in Manhattan - small-time leaders who could summon a crew if needed.