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Hort may refer to:

  • Hort., an abbreviation used to indicate a name that saw significant use in the horticultural literature (usually of the 19th century and earlier), but was never properly published

Usage examples of "hort".

It would have been another thing if Horter had a wife, but, as it was, he would be day and night entirely alone in the house.

I telegraphed to Horter that I should arrive in time for a simple luncheon of sausages and mash.

The man must go out sometimes, but as I walked round the cottage to the seafront I began to wonder whether Horter had indeed only gone out for the day.

Major Horter walked back down the corridor to the PX refreshment stand.

WAC from the kitchen brought him his steak, Major Horter cut it up for him, and fed it to him, piece by piece.

Major Horter, in a green blouse and pink skirt, and wearing all of her ribbons, walked into his office.

Farben Building looming out of the rubble, Major Florence Horter took her hand from the wheel and pointed at the building which housed Headquarters, U.

They were in some kind of an emergency room now, and they stopped the cart and Lowell looked up at Ilse, who was crying and smiling at once, and he felt a pin prick and the next thing he knew he was in the hospital bed, with Major Florence Horter looking down at him.

He had a canvas bag from Frankfurt, bought with the partial pay Florence Horter had arranged for him at the 97th General.

Florence Horter had said there was no point in his taking it with him, and he had agreed.

Paris who handled, entry permits for the American Zone of Occupied Germany that he was a student who wished to visit his aunt, Major Florence Horter, at the 97th General Hospital in Frankfurt.

Church in Frankfurt am Main, with Major Florence Horter as their only attendant.

There after a long and frustrating search, Ilse and Major Horter had found a small, but clean, apartment where Ilse would wait until her immigration papers were processed.

Before she left, Major Horter and Lieutenant Lowell went shopping in the Frankfurt post exchange for all the things Ilse would need while she waited to go to America.

Colonel Florence Horter, Army Nurse Corps, reported to the Medical Center commander in operating theater greens.