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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ In addition, Ariat, which is carried by equestrian retailers and at Nordstrom, has made inroads beyond the horsey set.
▪ She looked horsey as well as strong, like a kind of repellent Country Living housewife.
▪ The toothless old mare only turned her head and gave Granny what seemed like a horsey laugh too.
▪ Their women were often plain and horsey.
▪ They gave off a pungent, horsey smell, as if freshly cut.

a. (alternative spelling of horsy English) n. (alternative spelling of horsy English)


Horsey may refer to:

  • Horse, in baby-talk
Horsey (1997 film)

Horsey is a 1997 Canadian independent film starring Holly Ferguson and Todd Kerns that was directed by Kirsten Clarkson. Described in its tagline as "A Gritty Tale of Love, Ambition, and Addiction", the film was the first film for actors Kerns and Ferguson, as well as for director and writer Kristen Clarkson. Although Ferguson would go on to act in several other films and TV series (including 2005's Dark Water), neither Kerns nor Clarkson would work on another film (as of 2007).

Horsey (Hampshire cricketer)

Horsey (dates unknown) was an English professional cricketer who made 2 known appearances in first-class cricket matches from 1788 to 1789.

Usage examples of "horsey".

Tickets for the Knights to attend the final, formal, farewell banquet of the American Tonsil, Adenoid and Vas Deferens Society had been obtained for them, and Horsey wanted to make sure their appearance would bring prestige to the occasion.

Horsey tosses a coin for the first pick, and Joel Duffle says heads, and it is heads, and he chooses, as the first course, two quarts of ripe olives, twelve bunches of celery, and four pounds of shelled nuts, all this to be split fifty-fifty between them.

According to some, he was a failed Toy City TV stuntman called Terry Horsey, who reinvented himself by taking on the exotic, foreign-sounding name of Humpty Dumpty and performing a real-life stunt, without the aid of a crash mat.

I thought how sad it was Joan looked so horsey, with such big teeth and eyes like two gray, goggly pebbles.

For an instant I had trouble placing the horsey weatherbeaten face under the brimless cap.

Horsey Chevaux was already disturbed by the way the reception was going.

Archbishop Mulcahy, looking not unlike a small boy taking a Great Dane for a walk, led Horsey Chevaux up to the group surrounding the archbishop of New Orleans.

Hawkeye and Trapper eyed Horsey de la Chevaux with undisguised curiosity.

News-Picture-of-the-Month award from the AP for a photograph -of Knight Horsey de Ia Chevaux in full uniform formally-surrendering his ceremonial sword to Captain Grogarty of the riot squad following a misunderstanding at the OooLa-La Show Bar.

I told him, that our mutual friend Horsey Chevaux was three times decorated for valor.

Roman Catholic but also into Horsey Chevaux for nearly a million and a half.

Hawkeye had decided that the best way to conceal a patient from prying eyes, as he had had to do in order to keep Horsey Chevaux at the 407 7th MASH, was to let it be known that he was a general suffering from gonorrhea.

The door to the second bedroom opened and Horsey de Ia Chevaux appeared, somewhat the worse for wear.

Broadway and relate the bet Horsey makes in Boston, and right away so many citizens, including Mindy himself, wish to take a piece of the proposition that it is oversubscribed by a large sum in no time.

The Consul-General, Lord Quinnipiac, was a rough-featured man with blue marbled eyes set in a classically aristocratic horsey face.