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Horr (book)

Horr was a book by the Iranian author Ali Shariati about the historic Battle of Karbala in which Hussein, the grandson of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, was killed by Yazid. Horr was a commander of the army of Yazid during the battle. First involved in fighting Hussein, Horr defected from the army of Yazid, joined Hussein, and was killed by Yazid's forces. The book examines fate, choice, and predestination as portrayed by Horr's decision to switch sides during the fateful battle.

Horr (disambiguation)

Horr is a book by the Iranian author Ali Shariati.

Horr may also refer to:

  • Head of the River Race (HORR), a processional rowing race held annually on the Thames in London
  • Roswell G. Horr (1830–1896), U.S. Representative from Michigan
  • Ralph Horr (1884–1960), U.S. Representative from Washington
  • Horr, Iran, a city in Khuzestan Province
  • Horr-e Bandu, a village in Kerman Province, Iran
  • Horr Rural District, in Kermanshah Province, Iran