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Hörl is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Josef Georg Hörl (1722–1806), Austrian lawyer and mayor of Vienna
  • Ottmar Hörl (born 1950), German artist and writer
  • Thomas Hörl (born 1981), Austrian ski jumper

Usage examples of "horl".

I know you will think this 88 L E G E N D is horl 1h1c Of me, but I like it when a beautiful woman like you Pulls away from me in fear of what I might be seeking from her.

Vivyan himself talked only to his special friend on Horl, the man who knew the names and hidden lives of the snow world and accepted all that Vivyan had observed.

On Horl there had been his friend on the mountain, and before that in another part of Horl where the mines were he had known a man who told him about the folding of mountains and the alien relics at which so many people came to wonder.