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The name horkey was applied to end of harvest customs and celebrations, especially in the Eastern Counties of England, although the word occurred elsewhere in England and also Ireland. Since it is found in dialect, there is no standard spelling and other versions include hawkie and hockey. Mentioned from the 16th century onward, the custom became less common during the course of the 19th century and was more or less extinct in the 20th. It is chiefly remembered now because of the poem dedicated to it by Robert Bloomfield in 1802.

Usage examples of "horkey".

I am told the horkey boy has already placed a branch in the rafters, as is the custom with barn building in Guthrum.

One in particular kept coming back time and time again: Paul Horkey was the name, Marghem knew.

Paul Horkey and his chief rival Steve Masaryk had arrived at the same time to ask Ira to dance.