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vb. 1 (label en computing slang) To foul up; to be occupied with difficulty, tangle, or unpleasantness; to be broken. 2 (label en slang regional) To steal, especially petty theft or misnomer in jest. 3 (label en slang) To throw. 4 (label en slang) To eat hastily or greedily; to gobble. 5 (label en slang transitive) To move; specifically in an egregious fashion

Usage examples of "hork".

Petey spat again and mud sputtered out with saliva, but instead of a good hard hork onto the mud, something that might have salvaged some of his dignity, even just to him, the muddied spittle stayed mostly on his bottom lip.

Something was sticking in his craw, but he made the effort and horked up: "-- who is not without some influence in the publishing world.

He paused for a second and horked up a mixture of cardboard box and shrimp chow mein.

His mouth opened wider, and he horked up a hot dog, a bunch of grass, a lot of slime, and a wad of toilet paper.

Mike said as the team leader came up the ladder, horking some water out of his ear.