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n. (plural of hope English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: hope)

HOPES (Help Of Patients in Exigency by Students)

H.O.P.E.S. (Help of Patients in Exigency by students) is a registered, non-governmental, non political patient welfare organization run by the students of Karachi Medical and Dental College with the sole aim of helping the under privileged patients of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital by providing them life saving drugs and other medical facilities. H.O.P.E.S. was established in 1995. Currently, the organization is running a free of cost Drug Bank, Pharmacies and a Diagnostic Lab.

Usage examples of "hopes".

Bragadin and the other to the Abbe Grimani, and I told them not to be anxious about me as I was in good hopes of soon being set at liberty, that they would find when I came out that my imprisonment had done me more good than harm, as there was no one in Venice who stood in need of reform more than I.

During the two mortal hours of suspense, full of sombre thoughts and the most melancholy ideas, I could not help fancying that I was going to be plunged in one of these horrible dens, where the wretched inhabitants feed on idle hopes or become the prey of panic fears.

I also hinted that you might have merely disguised yourself as a waiter in the hopes of winning some favours from them, but they rejected the hypothesis as absurd, and said that you could carve a capon and change a plate dexterously enough, but were only a common waiter for all that, adding that with my permission they would compliment you on your skill to-day.

In Clementine I saw a woman worthy of the deepest love and the greatest respect, and I knew not how I could cease to love her, nor yet how I could continue loving her without the reward which every faithful lover hopes to win.

The old man could not obtain any more positive reply and left us with but feeble hopes, but commending himself to my good offices.

How I wish I could tell dear Sophie all this, but I may not entertain such hopes now.

He took his departure, saying he had very good hopes of the case, and requesting that the doctor would send him news of the patient.

I do not care to indulge myself in idle hopes, and I thought I had spoken to you plainly enough.

I told them that I would take off my clothes to oblige them, but that I had no hopes of being able to imitate the seductive serpent.

It had been written by a local author, in hopes of its obtaining the favour of the Court for him.

Bragadin has promised him a thousand sequins if he will aid you to make your escape but that Lawrence, who knows of it, hopes to get the money without risking his neck, his plan being to obtain your liberty by means of the influence of his wife with M.

All the worst for him if he dare conceive any hopes from the trifling concessions he receives.

The company pleased me, and I was in hopes that I should spend a happy day, but my evil genius brought the Charpillon to mar the feast.

I felt that it gave new strength to my hopes, and that feeling prevented me from regretting my heavy loss, but grateful for the great generosity of my benefactor I was fully determined on keeping my promise.

This circumstance put an end to some of my hopes, and I only thought of amusing myself with my friends, as if I had never been at Naples before.