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n. (context archaic English) (alternative form of hooch English)


n. an illicitly distilled (and usually inferior) alcoholic liquor [syn: hooch]

Usage examples of "hootch".

As I parked in front of the sandbagged hootch, one of the new guys burst through the door and ran toward me.

We settled me into the FAC hootch, a screened, open-windowed wooden hut.

We stopped at the TOC on the way back to the hootch from the flight line and filled in our after-action reports.

Back in the hootch I packed my meager belongings into a parachute bag and spent the last evening chatting with the other pilots.

Rocket and ammo boxes had been filled with dirt and were stacked atop each other around the hootch, giving it a fortresslike appearance.

I tried to anticipate questions the commander might ask me at dinner that night, but gave it up as a useless exercise and went back to the hootch to unpack.

They were probably high and dry under our hootch, for it had started to rain once more.

Still smiling, I safely negotiated the path back to the hootch where I heard subdued laughter coming from the dayroom-cum-briefing room.

All the pilots were gathered in the big room in the hootch when I returned from dinner.

Two more explosions, highly visible through the screen wall of the hootch, made my fight with the mosquito net more frantic.

Back in the hootch after debriefing, Crazy John sat on his bunk, staring out through the grenade screen on the wall.

I took a deep breath and walked from the hootch toward the dark rubber trees.

The screen door of the hootch banged, and Doug charged out holding my carbine like a cricket bat and looking at Rex as if he were going to use his head to score.

I found Chris on the back porch of the hootch, buck-naked, washing himself down.

Americans a few months and, like most Vietnamese women, she was soon running our hootch like it was her own.