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Hoos is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Herbert Hoos (born 1965), German footballer
  • Holger H. Hoos, German-Canadian computer scientist
  • Laurien Hoos (born 1983), Dutch athlete

Usage examples of "hoos".

Rakell knew her prote[aage[aa well enough to understand that to the Huong Hoos, nightmares meant more than they did to the civilized people of Ariss.

She hungered for the chill, dry air of her homeland, for her good Hoos warsteed between her knees and one of her brawny Hoos husbands at her side.

All this time in the city may have made me slow and stupid—but a stupid Hoos is brighter than a brilliant Arisser.

She had braided her hair over the Hoos red-feather war crest, so that the ruddy feathers seemed to sprout from her skull and trail in billowing waves down her back.

Then, in only slightly accented Huong Hoos, he said, "Welcome, Saba, warrior-magician, battle veteran of the Pelarmine Siege and the War of Stone Teeth, woman with nine husbands and three herds of goats.

We completely lack Angdoru's work—and I came to admire him greatly when I traversed the Hoos Domain.

His eyes met hers with a twinkle of delight, and in his impeccable Hoos, he burbled, "Do not sell yourself so short, Warrior-Mage Song.

We have a couple of male Hoos warriors affiliated with one of the other Universities.

The gender differences in Hoos dress aren't significant to the untrained eye.

In a marvelous, bizarre day, this was ultimate theater—and now, with an entrance worthy of Hoos hellspawn, more players joined the play.

It is a Hoos magic, and it is deadly—of the mighty Hoos Timeriders who go out, only half return.

We will explore this Hoos Timeriver, and, once we have found what we can from that avenue, we will open the floor to debate.

Then make sure—I get a—good Hoos f-f-funeral—with l-l-lots of horses and all.

She lay on the hard pallet, pale and weak—her once-glorious Hoos garb stained, muddied, and tattered, the feather crest in her hair bedraggled, every breath still a struggle—and she actually grinned.

I need to get my shrine, my skulls, my Hoos things—it won't take long.