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Höör is a locality and the seat of Höör Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden with 7,865 inhabitants in 2010.

The town's original spelling was Hör. The present, unusual spelling with double " ö" was implemented by the Swedish postal service at the beginning of the 20th century. At that time, it was a common practice in Sweden to write Här (for here) on the address column of local letters. In order to avoid confusion between letters to be delivered locally and those intended for Hör, the postal service has therefore changed the town's name to Höör.


Hoor may refer to:

  • Hoor, Iran, village in Iran
  • Höör, locality in Sweden
  • alternative spelling of Houri, women of paradise in Islamic societies

Usage examples of "hoor".

Cheap hoors, he thought with satisfaction, a fancy car made of plastic.

Ik heb je altijd mogen lijden, Vere, je bent een bliksems goede kerel, hoor je, Vere.

Allus wished I'd 'ad family uv me own, on'y they's nuthin' but hoors wi' mere army, and wut wimmin 'ud hev a fam'ly wi' me now?

  Thair garded by some armi ladz hoor havin a game ov pinkel-flip & am thinkin ov joinin in coz Im a pritty good shot @ thi old finkel-plip & I probly cude stand 2 make a deel ov gambil-toakins on account that Im so yung & innosent lookin & yet a bit ov a huslir reely but then Ergates sez, Dont u think u shude make those callz like u promised bro Scalopin?