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n. (plural of hoopskirt English)

Usage examples of "hoopskirts".

I regretted having yelled, but when it comes to creepy-crawlies I immediately lose my gonads, become all hoopskirts and fluster.

The crinolines and the vast hoopskirts had been put away, and although each enjoyed showing off her morning robe to the other ladies, strange men were forbidden to gaze on these feminine mysteries.

She worked so fast that she was turning back to the bin while her hoopskirts were still whirling the other way.

Alice was pretty and gay, with the breeze blowing her curls and setting her hoopskirts swaying.

It's not Back-o'-the-Docks yet, but it's definitely more colorful now, lots of mollyboys, lots of girls and women, hoopskirts and headdresses, glitter and glitz.

An old design that showed a woman in hoopskirts, with a little parasol over her dainty shoulder.