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Hoops&Yoyo (officially styled as hoops&yoyo) are a pair of animated characters featured on Hallmark Cards. The characters were created by Bob Holt and Mike Adair on who also voice the duo. Hoops&Yoyo have a website that features E-cards, animated episodes, an "Ask hoops&yoyo" section, desktop and phone wallpapers, audio snippets, IM icons, fan photos, interactive monthly calendars, a blog, a podcast, games, and merchandise available for purchase. The story lines center around two main characters: Hoops, a pink cat, and Yoyo, a green rabbit, and also feature a few other humorous characters joining them. Hoops and Yoyo tend to get overexcited and commonly start yelling or talking really fast. They both love coffee, cookies, and any treat. They're always happy, and always try to have fun no matter what happens.