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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hoom \Hoom\, n. Home.


n. (obsolete form of home English)

Usage examples of "hoom".

Zarqa informed me that the savants who resided in these revitalized structures were named Hoom, Sarpasht, and Karoeth.

These were the chief among the six rivals of Sarchimus the Wise, and of them all, it was Hoom of the Opal Spire who was the most dangerous and the most to be feared.

If Hoom spoke the truth, and if a citizen of Phaolon was secreted somewhere within the Scarlet Pylon, he could perchance lead me back to the realm of my lost princess!

Scarlet Pylon with the crystals, my mind busy with plans and conjectures, anxious, first of all, to discover if Hoom had been accurate in stating a Phaolonian prisoner was concealed in the tower.

He evinced no surprise at the warnings of Hoom, gloomily admitting he had guessed the savant had captured me so that I could serve his needs as an extra test-subject.

But it would have been folly to have disposed of Sarchimus, leaving his most dreadful weapons unharmed for Hoom of the Many Eyes to use in his turn.

Without them, or a captive Kalood from whom to torture secrets, Hoom will find it impossible to rediscover the lost sciences, and will thus afford the world no peril such as Sarchimus would have done.

These controls were remarkably simple, and I had long-since memorized the instructions given me by Hoom for the operation of the sled.

I had from Hoom, over three thousand farasangs lay between the Dead City of Sotaspra and the Yellow City of Ardha.

Only from now on it is your people, Hoom, who shall see to the preparing of the meals and their distribution, and the tending of the fires.

And I suddenly realized that, in the peculiar parlance of the cavern city, the favor of the Lords is to permit such as Hoom to supply them the nutriment of their life blood.

Once the grinning idol of Hoom, devil god of the Chac Yuul, had leered down upon the splendid hall, squatting like a huge, obscene toad atop the dais of many steps.

Whispers, toots, keens, hooms, all sounded around them as the apparent gee force slowly declined toward zero as the program Gabby had set in motion gradually released the restaurant into free fall.

His master seemed to have a great deal of affection for obscure magicians with obscurer names, and Fitzgibbon, Treacle, Hooms, and Gallimaufry were avoided only with difficulty.

He let out a bellow, and a second later there was a stampede of hooming, growling Shver heading for the closest doors.