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n. 1 (context Ireland English) A party; an evening of traditional music and dance. 2 A strong wind or gale, as in ''blowing a hooley''


Hooley is a geographically small village in Surrey, England that has in its small grid of streets the 13th century church of Chipstead which has been, since time immemorial, its ecclesiastical parish. Officially it remains a hamlet but today is an equal distance via paths and road to larger Coulsdon's centre which is downhill to the north, in Greater London and has a main line railway station.

Hooley (surname)

Hooley is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Darlene Hooley
  • Christopher Hooley, mathematician
  • E. Purnell Hooley
  • E. T. Hooley (1842–1903), explorer, pastoralist and politician in Western Australia
  • Ernest Terah Hooley (1859–1947), English and financier and business promoter
  • Frank Hooley
  • Teresa Hooley, poet
  • Richard M. Hooley (1822-1893), American theatrical manager

Usage examples of "hooley".

He decided grimly to delay his slow departure until he had a chance to see this Hooley and his friend, Snaper.

Snaper and Hooley were still conversing in whispers with the millionaire.

The figure that crossed the road swiftly and ran toward the stone wall would have sent superstitious shivers up and down the spines of Hooley and Snaper.

Two Western business men, Bert Hooley and Joe Snaper, were secretly in town to meet an Eastern executive and sign a huge mining contract without the knowledge of the financial houses in Wall Street.

He asked the desk clerk to telephone upstairs and tell Snaper and Hooley they were wanted in the lobby.

The Shadow had been unable to identify Snaper and Hooley from pictures in his private files.

This was the floor where Hooley and Snaper had reserved their expensive double room.

It was Hooley who had managed to reach the desk and hurl the inkwell with an awkward heave of his trussed wrists, before he passed out.

He took a perfect reproduction of the palms and fingers of Hooley and of Snaper.

He still had a chance to reach the hotel side exit before Snaper and Hooley came rushing out to make their getaway.

That, and the fact that neither Snaper or Hooley had seen him, filled him with grim content.

By trailing Snaper and Hooley, the identity and the motives of the man in the brown beard would be made clearer.

He was aware that Snaper and Hooley were rushing from the room and out the front door.

This was the situation that confronted Snaper and Hooley when they were released from prison.

Bert Hooley had proof that would implicate Dixon in the actual bank robbery.