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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hool \Hool\, a. Whole. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "hool".

A Celt named Hool bragged that his second arrow at the Roman soldiers was notched and drawn before the first had even hit home.

Arden had a lance, Hool a shorter and sturdier spear, and Luca a sword.

There was a curdling human cry of revenge as Hool moved to block it, but the boar was quicker, and wily.

She struggled to get her shuddering mare under control and finally trotted Boudicca over to the stunned Hool, worried that the man was seriously hurt.

She glimpsed bunched fury, and then the boar ran over the wounded Celt like a careening chariot, the two tumbling as Hool roared in pain.

Of course, they sneak out and fly the Falcon to where Hools is about to be killed.

He weltered towards it, hooling and thurling, and at last reached it in a meaninglessly long umthingth of time.

While he had been weltering, hooling and thurling, the distance beneath him had not bothered him unduly, but now that he was gripping, the distance made his heart wilt and his brain bend.