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Usage examples of "hook-and-eye".

A wooden gate had been secured across the stairs to the second floor and what I assumed was the basement door had a hook-and-eye closure to prevent kidlets from tumbling headlong into the yawning abyss.

Vera, who had dreaded a protocolaire stiffness, so that one can neither stay sober nor dare to get drunk, is now hoping that her hook-and-eye will stand the strain, made for a narrower waist than hers.

Open hook-and-eye, shoulder inner door open against spring tension, step into shed, let door close, seal with wooden turnbuckle, stand clear of outer door, spin its turnbuckle open, let wind blow door open, step outside, yank door shut and secure with hook-and-eye latch.

She thought of her peaceful house, with everything specifically arranged to her liking-except for the double hook-and-eye latches on every door and window.