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n. (plural of hoofbeat English)

Usage examples of "hoofbeats".

Starbuck heard hoofbeats and saw a glimmer of flamelight showing through the black tangled silhouette of the trees.

Barba Jannis recognized it by its hoofbeats, which were soft, as though muffled in cotton, and by the holy scent of incense which pervaded the air.

And as he ate and drank and was content with the world, hoofbeats and rolling stones were heard.

There were the hoofbeats of an approaching horse outside the cabin, hoofbeats that came to an abrupt halt.

Longarm heard the pounding of its hoofbeats mixed with the sharp crackle of gunfire as he thudded heavily to the ground.

As he climbed, he heard the sudden pounding of hoofbeats in the forest nearby.

Soon, the approach of hoofbeats was clearly heard, and a Rider galloped at full speed into the valley.

Once again the stallion reached the beach, his hoofbeats regular and rhythmic on the white sand.

When he heard the first faint sounds of hoofbeats up ahead, he could pace them at a distance until he formed a specific plan.

At the sound of hoofbeats as Steve and Marcia drew near, the guards glanced idly back over their shoulders, then resumed looking through the gateway.

As they started toward the inn, hoofbeats came through the gate and they turned to look.

Before he could speak, however, he heard the hoofbeats of several horses coming through it.

The hoofbeats were cantering, too many for him to hear how many horses were present.

Hunter might still be too far to receive the sound of hoofbeats through her lapel pin.

It provided him with the sounds of hoofbeats of the riders ahead of him.