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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ That's just a bunch of hooey.
▪ No nation likes hooey like we do.
▪ The idea that a tax on something keeps anybody from buying it is a lot of hooey.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"nonsense, foolishness," 1922, American English slang, of unknown origin.


n. (context slang English) Silly talk or writing; nonsense, silliness, or fake assertion(s).


n. senseless talk; "don't give me that stuff" [syn: stuff, stuff and nonsense, poppycock]


Hooey was a humour magazine published by Popular Magazines in the 1930s. The magazine presented spoof ads and articles much in the manner popularised by the 1950s magazine Mad.

Usage examples of "hooey".

The autumn night was chilly even though the wind had died, but Morrone felt himself sweating under his mail and arming doublet as he had not since the Battle of the Hooey River.

Their cadre had missed the Hooey River and nobody was letting them forget it, so they were training the Second Guards as if they were going to have to win the next big fight singlehanded.

It had been a heady moment, there after the battle of the Hooey River, when the Roman soldiers hailed him as Imperator.

Westmen for ten years until Ben Murphy rescued him during the Hooey River campaign.

Joseph had been hard to get to know, but she managed it at last, and he told her that he and Mary had six kids, Jesus being the oldest, and where did that hooey about her being a virgin come from, anyway?

Rocket to the Moon Ride at the Piggly-Wiggly, with a handful of nickels, training, which Sticks thought was hooey, and so did Croupie.

New Age hooey and warmed-over platitudes arranged in a very shoddy, slapdash sort of way.

All through the hooey Gaunt and Falls were spilling about Shakespeare or someone.

But before we do let me just repeat that what she said was a load of hooey.

Because, as a way of daily life it was hooey, and people just opted out.