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The Collaborative International Dictionary

honky \honky\ n. 1. a White person; -- a term used by some African-Americans, intended to be disparaging and often taken as offensive.

Syn: whitey.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also honkey, derogatory slang word for "white person," by 1967, black slang, of unknown origin, perhaps from late 19c. hunky "East-Central European immigrant," a colloquial shortening of Hungarian. Honky in the sense of "factory hand" is attested from 1946.


n. 1 (context North America pejorative racial slur English) A Caucasian person. 2 (context US obsolete English) A factory hand or general unskilled worker.


n. offensive names for a White man [syn: whitey, honkey, honkie]


Honky (also spelled honkie or sometimes honkey) is mainly a derogatory word for white people, predominantly heard in the United States. The first recorded use of honky in this context may date back to 1946, although the use of "Honky Tonk" occurred in films well before that time. The exact origins of the word are generally unknown and postulations about the subject vary.

Honky (album)

Honky is the ninth album by Melvins, which was released in 1997 through Amphetamine Reptile Records. It is widely considered to be the band's most experimental album. Their first studio album after being dropped from Atlantic, it contains a mixture of traditional Melvins-sounding rock, experiments with drones and soundscapes, and some rather uncharacteristic electronic pieces. A video was made for "Mombius Hibachi". The final track, "In the Freaktose the Bugs are Dying", concludes with more than 25 minutes of silence.

In an interview, Buzz Osborne said that album cost $3000 to make, three days rehearsal, and six days recording. The project was an attempt to plug the gap after the major release of the previous album Stag under Atlantic label. Joe Barresi was the engineer on the album.

The album's 8-minute plus opening track "They All Must Be Slaughtered" features co-lead vocals from Kat Bjelland of Babes in Toyland.

This is the last album to feature Mark Deutrom.

In January 2011, Melvins played a series of four shows at Club Spaceland. A special handmade digipak edition of album was sold there, limited to 50 copies. This version had a typo in the album title, spelling it "Honkey."

Honky (disambiguation)

Honky is a racist term applied to people of the white race in North America.

Honky may also refer to:

  • Honky, a 1981 album by Keith Emerson
  • Honky (album), a 1997 album by The Melvins
  • Honky (film), a 1971 film
  • Honky tonk, a type of bar in the United States, or Country and Western music and musicians, cowboys, and their surrounding culture
  • The Chicago Honky style of polka music
  • MC Honky, a mysterious musician widely considered to be Mark Oliver Everett, frontman of the band Eels
  • Honky Château, a 1972 album by Elton John
  • " Honky Cat", a single from the above album
  • Honky, a 2001 memoir by Dalton Conley about race relations in New York City
Honky (film)

Honky is a 1971 film directed by William A. Graham that depicts the love story of an interracial high school couple.

Usage examples of "honky".

You should be in a ballroom with crystal chandeliers, drinking wine, and dancing to orchestra music, not in a gaudy honky tonk, drinking beer and listening to obscene shouts and the raucous music of a loud five-piece band.

But Striker was my friend, close as a honky can count, and I had to lie to him.

Black Marketplace, where a honky showboat like Killy is doomed from the start.

The day before, white hoodlums had come up to Harlem and thrown gasoline bombs in their neighborhood stores and their houses, and they were out to fix honkies and nothing else.

Frankie had died, unknown, in his dressing room, and this pasty-faced honky had gone on into rock and roll, cut himself a little bit of a name, even gotten a contract offer.

There are no billboards, road signs, cops, Jack-in-the-Boxes, gas stations or other artifacts of honky culture.

And just as on earth there is salt in some concentration everywhere, so on Oryx there was magnesium chloride in the body-fluids of the Honkies and the insects—.

Galvanized by adrenaline, he rejoiced in the shining justice of his run—the abused black hero outwitting, outflanking, outmuscling the whitest of the white establishment, impotent against his inevitable assault on precious honky womanhood.

They turned into Forty-second Street, with its dimly lit honky tonks, burlesque shows, dark theater marquees and penny arcades.