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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Honi may refer to:

  • Honi, fictional daughter in the syndicated comic strip Hägar the Horrible
  • Honi HaM'agel (1st century BCE), a Jewish scholar prior to the age of the Tannaim
  • Honi Soit, a student newspaper of the University of Sydney, Australia
  • Honi Soit (album), songs written by John Cale, except "Streets Of Laredo", a traditional arranged by John Cale
  • Salem el-Honi, high commissioner of the Organisation of the Islamic Conference office
  • Honi, Iran, a village in Kerman Province
  • An alternative spelling of Hongi, a Polynesian greeting custom

Usage examples of "honi".

Joe and Tonio were all over each other, and Honi kept telling them to hush in a voice louder than their giggles.

Timayta asked Honi, as the two of them hammered on the sword and shield of a blackbearded male.

That little blue booklet with the gold lion and unicom and Honi Soit Qui Maly Pense printed on the cover still demanded a certain deference even at a.