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Hongort is a town of the Chahar Right Back Banner, which in turn is part of Ulanqab prefecture-level city in Inner Mongolia, China. It is located about 30 km northwest of Shangdu county. In 2000, when it was still classified as township , it had 11860 inhabitants.

In 1936, Hongort was the site of a battle between Chinese and pro-Japanese troops in the Suiyuan Campaign.*中国抗日战争正面战场作战记 (China's Anti-Japanese War Combat Operations)

    • Guo Rugui, editor-in-chief Huang Yuzhang
    • Jiangsu People's Publishing House
    • Date published : 2005-7-1
    • ISBN 7-214-03034-9
    • Online in Chinese:
      • 第二部分:从“九一八”事变到西安事变日本侵绥的战备企图和中日 2
      • Second Part: From the "9/18" emergency to the Xi'an Incident Japanese invasion of Suiyuan to prepare their planned union of China and Japan