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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hong \Hong\, n. [Chinese hang, Canton dialect hong, a mercantile house, factory.] A mercantile establishment or factory for foreign trade in China, as formerly at Canton; a succession of offices connected by a common passage and used for business or storage.

Hong merchant, one of the few Chinese merchants who, previous to the treaty of 1842, formed a guild which had the exclusive privilege of trading with foreigners.


Hong \Hong\, v. t. & i. To hang. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

n. A foreign trading company in China (行,洋行)

Hong (Korean surname)

Hong is the common English spelling of 홍, in Korean and Chinese it means "wide" or "big".


Hong may refer to:

  • Hong (Chinese name) (洪), a Chinese surname, branch of Jiang (Jeung:Geung:Gang:Kang)
  • Hong, in Cantonese of surname Gang, Kang (康) from the Zhou Dynasty
  • Hong (Korean name), a Korean surname
  • Hong, hongsa or hamsa (mythical bird)
  • Hong Kong, a major Asian city
  • Hong (business), general term for a 19th–20th century trading company based in Hong Kong, Macau or Canton
  • Høng, a Danish municipality
  • Hong (rainbow-dragon), two-headed dragon in Chinese mythology
  • Hong, Nigeria, a Local Government Area
  • Lake Hong, in Hubei, China
  • Thirteen Factories (十三行), an area where Westerners lived and traded in the Qing Dynasty
  • Nam Pak Hong (南北行), a group of traditional Chinese medicine traders from North China
  • Hongmen (洪門), a Chinese fraternal organization
  • Hong (genus), a genus of ladybird
Hong (business)

The Hongs were major business houses in Canton (now known as Guangzhou), China and later Hong Kong with significant influence on patterns of consumerism, trade, manufacturing and other key areas of the economy. They were originally led by Howqua as head of the cohong.

Hong (rainbow-dragon)

Hong or jiang is a two-headed dragon in Chinese mythology, comparable with rainbow serpent legends in diverse cultures and mythologies.

Hong (surname)

Hong is the pinyin romanization of the Chinese surname (Hóng). It was listed 184th among the Song-era Hundred Family Surnames. Today it is not among the 100 most common surnames in mainland China but it was the 15th-most-common surname on Taiwan in 2005. It is also the pinyin romanization of a number of less-common names including Hóng , Hóng ( t , s ), and Hóng . "Hong" is also one spelling employed for the Cantonese pronunciation of the surname Xiong . All of the names are romanized as Hung in Wade-Giles.

The Hokkien and Teochew romanization of Hong (that uses the character 洪) is Ang, which is also used for Wang (, Wāng).

It is also the romanization used for the Korean surname Hong, which uses the character 洪 in hanja.

Usage examples of "hong".

It was chance, Harry was sure, that had taken Paula to the Hong Kong Shop after she had bought red primroses at the Acme Florists.

The Bogue would be more strongly prepared for battle than the smattering of war junks near Hong Kong.

I took that assignment to kill Bill Crum in Hong Kong, part of the job was to destroy any files in that converted temple at Sai Kung.

The cubozoan cocktail reminds him of fruit jelly drinks in a hot Hong Kong summer.

The last great transglobal trade empire, run from the arcologies of Hong Kong, has collapsed along with capitalism, rendered obsolete by a bunch of superior deterministic resource allocation algorithms collectively known as Economics 2.

Feng Shou Hao City was in flames, while there were riots in at least eight of the other cities, the great northern city of Hong Hai among them.

Morgan Brock has just arrived in Hong Kong and is flaunting his knighthood that he only acquired by persuading his heirless father-in-law to adopt him who then, conveniently and almost at once thereafter, died.

But they were no less interesting for that, and many days, as Miss Pao proceeded through the familiar line of patter about sky-eyes, heuristic mugging detection, and tagger aerostats, Judge Fang found his attention wandering across town to the ancient city, to the hong of Dr.

Pad bleef echter gespaard, de Mol stierf van honger, zonder dit dier aan te raken.

Om 5 uur had hij reeds weder honger en kreeg nu een Ringslang, die ongeveer 80 cM.

Etienne richtten zich op uit hun teedere houding en beweerden honger te hebben.

Het kwam er nu maar hier op aan: hadden meneer en mevrouw iets tegen zijn persoon, of wilden zij de kinderen toestaan van elkander te houden en te wachten, tot zij samen de wereld konden ingaan, zonder al te groote waarschijnlijkheid, dat zij van honger zouden omkomen?

Reijers lof, die hem streelde, terwijl hij zeer leed, wanneer hij, zonder honger, op Eline moest wachten, die hem twee minuten over den tijd zijn ontbijt bracht.

Hij had honger en behagelijk weidde hij een blik over de koude kip en over de flesch Hochheimer.

Heusch, je ziet er zoo mager en hol uit, net of je honger hebt geleden.