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They passed a bed of fragrant honeyblooms, the big green-and-red flowers as pretty as they smelled, reminding him poignantly of their namesake: his woman.

But the myths of caveman violence were always good for laughs—and when Honeybloom laughed, it was something to see.

Even so, it must be deadly dull, and unless the girl were Honeybloom, Flint wouldn't care for it.

His imagination had ceased to conjure fun-visions of Outworld and Honeybloom, and not even these twin circles could bring them back with any force.

Looking at her, Flint/Bopek reviewed the ideal criteria for the Undulant species, and found that Llyana was to Undulants as Honeybloom was to women.

He thought of Honeybloom as his flesh sank deeply through hers, and the whole of his being expanded with instant love.

Now he knew that no mating of his with Honeybloom could approach the enchantment of one with this alien.

Because Honeybloom had a Kirlian aura of about one, or average: a washout as far as interaction with his own aura went.

He did not want to sully his memory of Honeybloom by chasing after the first pretty tail he met.

One look at a girl like Honeybloom and the rest follows naturally, if she's willing.

Flint said, remembering the phenomenal change in Honeybloom, once a thin, shy child.

He had had himself put in the records as officially dead, so that Honeybloom would have his pension.

So he thought of Honeybloom, as he had known her: voluptuous, vibrant, lovely, her green body moving in that distracting way it had.

His galaxy had been saved, and Honeybloom would live happily in her Stone Age idyll, and Tsopi the Polarian in her circular one.

As was Honeybloom, shamed, exiled by her tribe, deprived of her luster.